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Hot Lunch ordering happens twice a year: in September and January.

Order now through September 19th!

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Payments: We prefer you pay via PayPal through your Munch a Lunch account. If you are paying by cheque, it must be in the  PAC box in the office by the hot lunch deadline or your order will be canceled.

Hot Lunch HelpersWhat is Hot Lunch?

The PAC organizes a bi-monthly Hot Lunch Program that runs from October until June, where local restaurants deliver fresh, hot meals. Volunteers sort and distribute these meals to the classrooms.  Hot Lunch is as popular with parents as it is with kids, as it gives parents a break from packing lunches!

Children can order from a variety of different ‘theme’ days: from the ever-popular hot dog, pizza and booster juice, to more interesting choices of sushi or Mexican. Children only receive what they order and participation is voluntary.  Ordering and payment is done online through Munch a Lunch in September and again in January.

Lynn Valley strives to be environmentally conscious with its lunch program and has its own recycling program.

Our thanks to the Lynn Valley community for supporting this important fundraiser and also to the wonderful volunteers who help make these programs a success!

Can you help out with Hot Lunch?

8-10 volunteers are needed from 11:55 – 12:25pm on Hot Lunch days.  At the end of the online ordering process, you can check-mark any date that you are available and you will be contacted to confirm the schedule. Or you can contact Kyla directly.

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