Grade 7 Grad Committee

Grade 7 Grad Committee

The Grade 7 Grad Committee is made up of any parent of a grade 7 student.  In the past, students have celebrated their final year in different ways: yearbook, sweatshirts, tubing at Cypress mountain, sea kayaking in Deep Cove, and sliding at Cultus Lake Water Slides – to name a few. Each year is different and depends on what students would like to do and how much the students and parents would like to fundraise to make it happen.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, February 21, 6:15-7pm in the school library (prior to the PAC meeting)

To be discussed:
  • Funding for upcoming activities: whether we need more fundraisers or if we will ask for parents to cover the cost of activities
  • Legacy gift? (Fundraising this year is different from previous years.  Will current fundraising support a legacy gift? More info on this at the meeting.)

This year, students have voted for:

  • Tubing at Cypress Mountain – Feb 13th – parents will drive
  • Trampoline Park  (vetoed due to safety concerns)
  • PNE/Playland – Dates TBA – tentatively June
  • $$ Needed: $XX

This year so far, two parents stepped forward to run fundraisers (Thank you!):

  • Christmas Crackers ($445)
  • Popcorn Sale ($100)