How Money Is Raised

Money that the PAC raises has a huge impact on school life.  It enables the PAC to fund a multitude of services, programs, and equipment that enrich school life and really make children excited about their school experience. The PAC raises this money through a few different ways:

The Pumpkin Patch is one of Lynn Valley's key fundraisers.

The Pumpkin Patch is one of Lynn Valley’s key fundraisers.

  • Hot Lunch – restaurants provide food to the PAC at wholesale prices. The PAC puts a small mark-up on the items and makes a profit – and at the same time the PAC is careful to make sure lunch is affordable.
  • Provincial Gaming Grant – each year the PAC Treasurer applies for a Provincial Gaming Grant. Although it is a huge benefit when it is received, it is not guaranteed that the PAC will receive the grant every year.

The money that is raised in the previous school year is used to fund the following year.