The PAC needs your help to get the school year on track! Can you help with the following? If so, please contact lynnvalleypac@gmail.com.


  • Communications
    • Website – I am looking for 1-2 successors. Experienced or not – I can mentor
    • Facebook updating
    • Photography
  • Emergency Preparedness (1 person/class): We need help for the rather thankless task of going through the classroom Earthquake Kits to see what is expired and needs to be replaced. Wow, I’m really selling it, aren’t I? But you will be the most thanked volunteers in our school if an earthquake hits and these supplies are used.
  • Fruit & Vegetable Distribution: 30 minutes/month – help wash & bring fruit/veg to classrooms
  • Hot Lunch Distributors: ongoing! Meet at 11:50 outside of the school gym on hot lunch days. Contact Kyla Shore
  • Landscape Architect
    If you or someone you know would be willing to work with the Playground Committee to design the “Greenery” Phase of our Playground Project, we would be very appreciative!