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In 2016, The PAC conducted a second survey to find out their priorities on a number of PAC-supported programs.
Results were:

#1 & 2  Technology & Field Trips (tied)
#3 Playground
#4 Physical education programs
#5 Library books
#6 Class supplies
#7 Art Programs
#8 Parent education
#9 Performances
#10 Bursaries

Find out more: PAC Survey 2016 & Verbatim Comments


In 2012 results were:

#1 Physical education programs
#2 Technology
#3 Field trips
#4 Music & drama
#5 Library books
#6 Cultural experiences
#7 Playground
#8 Events to foster the school community
#9 Parent education
#10 Walking school bus

Click here for more details about the survey.

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