Financial Overview

This money that the PAC raises has a huge impact on school life.  It enables the PAC to fund a multitude of services, programs, and equipment that is not covered by the School District. So please, take an active part in the PAC fundraising events or consider a direct donation. Your child’s education is much richer as a result!


Hot Lunch Reusable Containers $5000.00
Provincial Gaming Grant $6540.00
Pumpkin Patch $4625.08 
Direct Donations $2810.00 
Santa’s Thrift Shop $1637.00 
Grocery Ordering $TBA 
Seed Fundraiser $892.35 
Bike to School Pledges $TBA 
Ice Cream Party $TBA 
Total $21,505.34 

Do you have an idea for a great money-making service or event?
If so, please contact the PAC.