Upcoming Playground Enhancements

Summer 2017: The School District took out our existing swings and installed 2 new portables. We are waiting on the School District to communicate their plans with us and let us know how we can move forward with our wishlist. 

lvpaygroundPictured below is LVE’s existing playground – you can see that there is little green space or natural features.  In fact, most of the green you see is on the OUTSIDE of the playground or in the parking lot! It has a huge gravel field and two climbing structures aimed at younger children.

Older students are bored, most of the playground is inaccessible to our wheelchair-bound pupils, there are massive waits for the swings, and it really doesn’t live up to the natural beauty and greenery that makes the North Shore so special. We need an upgrade!

Students, teachers and parents have requested:

  • Swings & disc swings- $20,000
  • Trees, logs, stumps, shrubs, benches, rocks & accessible paths – $15,000
  • Large play structure aimed at intermediate students – $68,000
  • Small item in red playground to replace broken teeter totter – $15,000

Please click for a larger view

We have spent the past three + years coming up with this plan. Much consultation has gone on with the school board, the soccer association, parents, teachers and students.  We are very excited to make our vision come true, but we need your help and donations!

We know it’s a lot of money that’s needed and our goal is to have much of the money donated:

  • A grant writing committee is working towards acquiring playground grants
  • We are approaching corporations for donations, organizations for matching funds and businesses for in kind contributions

If you are interested in helping with playground efforts we can always use your support (e.g. direct donations, grant writing, landscaping, being part of a work party)

For more information contact lynnvalleyplayground@gmail.com