Staff Appreciation Lunch

Lynn Valley families are asked bring a lunch item as a way to thank all 50+ amazing staff members at Lynn Valley School for the care and attention they give our children every day.

Whether it’s the teacher who stayed after class to make sure your child understood the lesson or the librarian who found the perfect book to help with a report, the staff who coached an extracurricular activity, or the janitor who found the expensive hoody that fell behind the shelving – the Lynn Valley staff go above and beyond to help our families and children.

What can you bring: Any favourite recipe! It can be meat-based, veggie, gluten-free, dairy-free – your choice! Our only requirement is nut-free.
When: 11:30 am on June 11th or drop your dish off in the morning
Where: Bring to the school kitchen (between the office and the gym entrance)


1. Tell us what you are bringing:

2. Volunteer To Help: