Holiday Thrift Shop

Holiday Thrift Sale


At Lynn Valley’s annual Holiday Thrift Shop, students have the opportunity to shop for two gifts during school hours, and can return after 3:00 pm to continue shopping for others on their list.

  • Send your children to school with a large sturdy bag to carry the gifts home
  • All children will need money to shop for their gifts (typically between $5-$10 + quarters for raffles)

Gifts are all donated – this is a wonderful opportunity for parents and students recycle their toys and household goods before the holiday season! Gifts are priced between .25¢ to $5.00 (children generally spend $5) and this includes wrapping! This wonderful event gives them the responsibility of shopping on their own and also teaches them how to count and budget their money.

Note: Highly coveted items are raffled off by a random draw, so bring extra quarters!

All money raised goes directly to the school’s benevolent fund, so that all children can participate in school activities, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Donate clean, unloved:

  • Toys
  • Puzzles
  • Candles
  • Kitchen stuff
  • Knick knacks
  • Books
  • Lamps
  • Jewelry
  • Gadgets, etc.

Please nothing broken or dirty, food or plants. Send us your nice junk! No clothing, please🙂
Make sure your items are in a box or bag for transport.

We will also need tape, gift bags, old wrapping paper, and YOUR HELP! Even if it’s 20 min, we would really appreciate you coming to the gym to help wrap gifts!

Parents & kids with parents can shop AFTER 3:15pm.

Please email us for questions, concerns, OR TO VOLUNTEER.  We can’t do it without you!

350 kids x 2 gifts each = 700 gifts to be wrapped!



CLOTHING can be donated in plastic bags and brought on December 5th after Holiday Thrift: