BTSW 2016

In the spirit of friendly competition,  Ross Road Elementary challenged us to see who can have the highest ridership during BTSW. And we won!

Check out what happened during our 2016 Bike to School Week:

DAY 1: Do you see what I see? Or rather: what don’t you see?

I have NEVER seen this road without cars! Wow!!


We had 175 bikes at school today which is 50% of all students @ LVE riding to school.  This does not include all the scooters, walkers and the huge amount of parents on bikes!  Woo hoo!

Stay tuned up tomorrow: local bike shop Lynn Valley Bikes will be conducting bike safety checks and there will be bike trivia… with prizes of course!

Keep up the great spirit Lynn Valley.
We are on the road to winning!

DAY 2: Lynn Valley, you just get better and better!


Win this bike!

But we’re going to keep our numbers on the down low just in case Ross Road gets wind of how well we are doing 🙂

A big shout out to the special needs students that were on their bikes today! It takes a lot of effort, but as a school we are pulling together and getting it done. We’re in it to win it.

Special thanks today to:

  • Free Yumm, for their fabulous allergen-free Granola Bars
  • Lynn Valley Bikes, for cheerfully helping the long line of kids whose bikes needed tune-ups
  • Rocky Mountain Bikes, for the great stickers, the technical biking shirts and of course the bike that the PAC is raffling off!

Coming up tomorrow:

  • More prizes for biking
  • The family ride starts at 6pm from the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve gazebo.  All are welcome, but parent supervision is required. This is not a guided ride.
  • BTSW pledge forms are due tomorrow morning


DAY 3: BTSW = Be the School that Wins

IMG_8405Bring it on, Ross Road! Our school is a formidable opponent – I wonder if they know what they’re up against? Over 50% of our school rode today. Let’s aim for 75% tomorrow – wouldn’t that be amazing!

One boy told me that he couldn’t ride to school because his bike was stolen.  It’s awful. It happens. But your odds of having it returned to you go way up when you register your bike through the NV RCMP’s Get Your Bike Back Program. Check it out. It’s worth your time.

Tonight @6pm is the Family Ride. Meet at the Gazebo in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve for a fun group ride. My family has done it every year and it is always a blast.

Tomorrow, we have even more prizes to give away and Lynn Valley Bikes is back to help everyone who didn’t get their bikes tuned-up. On Tuesday the queue was long, so get there early to ensure a spot!

Day 3.5 – evening ride cancelled

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And of course, as I type this the rain actually stops. Arrgh!

But given the fact that roughly 2″ of rain has fallen in the last half hour, we are officially calling the ride rained out 😦

However, clear skies are forecasted for biking to school tomorrow and Friday. See you then!

DAY 4: A shout out to those who didn’t bike, but still got to school using their own power


Yep, I’m talking about all of you who walked, scooted, hopped or rollerbladed to school.  If you didn’t use your car to get to school this week, give yourselves a huge pat on the back. This is what this week is all about!

Today, despite the cloudy skies and damp roads, 50% of our school biked. We’ve put our best pedal forward, but we won’t know until the very end who the winner will be. My source tells me Ross Road teachers don’t submit their numbers until Friday. Cross your spokes!

Coming up tomorrow

DAY 5: That’s a wrap!

We would like to take a minute to thank all of our incredibly generous sponsors, who donated bikes, food, prizes and time to make this week so spectacular for our children.

Three of our sponsors are part of our LVE school community: Sarah (Free Yumm), Jeff (Nourish Market) and Ian (Left Coast Naturals/Hippie Foods), all pictured below.


Sarah of Free Yumm mans the booth with her son


OK, I confess – this is a photo from last year’s BTSW. Jeff, pictured on the left (Nourish Market) and Ian (Left Coast Naturals/Hippie Foods) were not able to be here this morning, but generously donated granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit for us all to enjoy.













Thank-you again to all of the companies who sponsored LVE’s BTSW:


IMG_6582We would also like to say a big THANK-YOU to Barb Towns, Tania Newman, and Mrs. Wanner for spearheading our 4th annual BTSW. Without you, this week would not have happened!

And thank-you to all of our amazing volunteers who came out morning and evening to support BTSW. We are lucky to have so many committed parents in Lynn Valley.



And now to announce our winners:

  • Two primary boys won the bikes (we don’t attach names to kids’ photos, so if you’re curious, ask your children)
  • Parent Prizes were won by:
    • S.R won the Hippie Foods basket
    • Jen & Laurence won Ryders sunglasses, LV Bikes t-shirts & granola
  • IMG_6702Div. 10 Mrs.Connop/Clemente’s class won the Pizza Party by raising $633
  • Best class participation went to:
    • Intermediate: Div 5 Mrs.Laursen had 69% of her class bike all week
    • Primary: Div 8 Mr.Tozer had 82% of his class bike all week
  • $3400 was raised overall through BTSW pledges!

On Friday morning, children arrived at school to find a final BTSW snack (dare I call it breakfast??) with yogurt, fruit, granola, bagels, granola bars, and coffee. It was a wonderful way to wrap up an exciting week.

We hope everyone enjoyed BTSW as much as we did!  Next year, we will be looking for new people to get involved with BTSW. So if you are are interested, please contact us via