BTSW 2013

PRE-BTSW Assembly

Ryan Leech came to Lynn Valley’s Assembly on Thursday, May 16th. He wowed the students with his amazing stunts and also conveyed some excellent messages about making smart choices, positive thinking, listening to yourself, healthy lifestyle habits, and perseverance.

His Trials of Life presentation is a great demonstration of PAC money at work. The administration uses PAC money to have speakers like Ryan come in to motivate the students.  And it worked! The children were buzzing with excitement following the assembly and can’t wait to get on their bikes for Bike to School Week! (Thanks Ryan!)

Here is a video that shows Ryan’s style of riding. Enjoy -> share -> marvel!

Lynn Valley kicks off a rainy Bike to School Week with 76 bikers!

Way to go Lynn Valley!  Check out all of the great events happening during Bike to School Week.

120 bikers for sunny Day 2!

Considering there are only around 220 families in our school – phenomenal. Keep it up!

Day 3 – It just keeps getting better -> 129 students biked today! (that’s 38%!)

Check out some of the fabulous prizes that students can win… children who raise more than $150 in pledges or actively travel more than (50 kilometres for Intermediate students, 25 kilometers for Primary students) during the week will be entered into the grand prize draws.

And then after school, students attended the Bike Decorating Party to get their bikes and banners ready for the Lynn Valley Parade:

Day 4 of Bike to School Week – Holding steady at 129 bikers!

Another perfect weather day for Bike to School Week – gotta love it when the weather man is that wrong! Now fingers are crossed for the Bike Rodeo on Monday.
ps. only bikes or bikes with training wheels will be allowed on the rodeo structures – no scooters! If a student does not have a bike, they can walk or run the course. But it is a very safe, supervised environment and a great time for students to practice their riding skills.

Bike to School Week’s grand finale -> Escape Adventures’ Bike Rodeo!

The final day sees 185 students bike to school! That is more than 50% of the student population! Way to go Lynn Valley!

Despite the on-again, off-again rain, the Bike Rodeo was a HUGE success! Thanks again to Escape Adventures for providing the day FREE OF CHARGE. The kids had a blast and learned some safety tips and turning hand signals. Those without a bike had a great time running the course.

Thanks to Steve Taylor for the amazing photos!

The school’s first ever BTSW event raised over $3,000. Thank you to all the friends, families and neighbours who donated to the pledge drive.

BTSW also got people pedalling. The bikes racks continue to be packed with bikes- way to go Lynn Valley student cyclists!

As part of the BTSW incentives, students, classes and parents were eligible to win prizes for actively travelling to school and for collecting pledges.

We are very excited to announce the winners…..drum roll please:

Class prize winners:

  • Miss Valleau’s Grade K/1 slip class wins a PIZZA PARTY for  having the Most pledge $ raised
  • Mrs. Blair’s Kindergarten class wins water bottles for having the Most bikers – primary class
  • Mrs. Montgomery & Mrs. Niven’s class wins Ice Cream gift certificates for having the Most bikers – intermediate class

And Individual students won prizes based on the kilometres they biked and the money that they raised:

  • William, Grade 1, won a gift card
  • Declan, Grade 1, won a helmet
  • Sophie, Kindergarten, won a cycling jersey
  • Jacob, Kindergarten, won a cycling jersey
  • Annabelle, Kindergarten, won a cycling jersey
  • Bridget, Kindergarten, won a cycling jersey
  • Mary, Grade 2, won a rain poncho
  • Hannah, Grade 6, won a cycling vest
  • Sophie, Grade 1, won a cycling jersey
  • Marcus, Grade 1, won a cycling jersey
  • William, Grade 1, won a cycling top
  • Cameron, Grade 2, won a cycling jersey
  • Michael, Grade 3/4, won a cycling jersey
  • Matthias, Kindergarten, won a cycling jersey
  • Alison, Kindergarten, won a cycling t-shirt + gift certificate
  • Isabella, Grade 1, won a cycling t-shirt + gift certificate
  • Joshua, Grade 1, won a cycling jersey
  • Melica, Grade 1, won a cycling socks + bike light
  • Paige, Kindergarten, won a cycling t-shirt + bike light

Parent Prize Winners:

  • Johnny won a Cat’s Eye bike computer & Brown’s gift certificate
  • Connie won a Alpina Bike Helmet & Brown’s gift certificate
  • Alan won a Cat’s Eye bike computer & Brown’s gift certificate

Congratulations everyone!

The bike racks at Lynn Valley continue to be packed following Bike to School Week!

Out of all the lower mainland schools participating in HUB’s Bike to School Week, Lynn Valley Elementary won ‘Top 1st Time School‘, and came in 3rd overall for elementary schools in ‘Participation.’

Way to go Lynn Valley!  The school has won a $400 ACE kids bike from MEC.  It will become the Grand Prize for the school’s 2013/2014 BTSW event next May.

Thanks to HUB and Mountain Equipment Co-op for the prize!