Bike to School Week

May 21-24: Bike, scoot, or walk your school commute – just don’t use the car!

Get your bike tires pumped and ready for BTSW! This week is all about encouraging Lynn Valley families to ride, roll or walk to school.

It is going to be another massively exciting active transportation event!

If you’re interested in volunteering please contact Trina Sporer.


What do I need to participate in BTSW?

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Bike lock
  • Rain or shine attitude!

Don’t have a bike?
Ask friends or neighbours if you can borrow a bike for the week. You may be surprised how much you love riding!

Where do I put my bike?

Bikes may be left outside in any of the five bike racks or they can be locked to the east and west-facing chain-link fence surrounding the gravel field. Do not lock bikes to the north-facing chain-link fence (beside the green field) and please obey any ‘no parking’ signs for your bike as we would like to ensure safe access in case of emergency.*

The school is not responsible for the safe-keeping of bikes and accessories so ensure bikes are locked up.


How can I win prizes?

  • Class Prizes – The school will be tallying daily active transportation results to determine which classes had the highest active transportation participation. A winning class from both Intermediate and Primary grades will be awarded a class-wide pizza party prize.
  • Parent Prize – Lead by example and ride your bike to school to get the chance to win a prize! For each day a parent rides to school they get to enter their name into the parent prize draw. The parent prize draw will be held on the last day of BTSW.


Please email with any questions you may have or if you would like to help out with this fantastic PAC event.

Some photos from previous BTSW events: