The Countdown Begins To Our New Playground Equipment!

You heard it! Responding to child, family and teacher wishes – come April, you will see some exciting new playground equipment installed!

Swings, discs, and bars have been ordered, but we are just shy of our total…help us by “adopting” a piece of the playground:

Wooden Safety Perimeter – 1′ (300 feet needed)

Why adopt a street when you can adopt a playground border? 🙂


A Wheelbarrow Full Of Engineered Wood Chips

Help everyone enjoy a safe and soft landing! Feel free to buy more than one – we’re going to need over 300 wheelbarrows’ worth!



Contribute An Amount of Your Choosing Toward The Playground!

  Donate Online using your Credit Card

One Post (17 needed)

With 2 disc swings, 8 swings, and 4 horizontal bars going in, there are a lot of posts that need to be purchased! Help set the foundation for our playground.


One Horizontal Bar (4 to be installed)

Flips, chin ups… you name it, these bars will be used for it! These bars will be a welcome addition to the “red” playground – help us make it happen!


One Swing Anti-Wrap Hanger (16 needed)

These anti-wrap hangers allow you to swing high – but don’t allow mischief-makers to put them out of reach by wrapping them over the top bar.


One Swing (8 to be installed)

The closest kids will get to flying on the school playground! Help Lynn Valley reach for the skies.


One Disc Swing (2 to be installed)

How many kids can you fit on a disc? We will find out soon with your support! The great thing about this disc is that it’s inclusive – meaning it’s a great option for both special needs and able-bodied students.


Thank you so much for your support!

All contributions over $25 qualify for a tax receipt

Have More Questions? Hopefully we have the answers below.

If we don’t, please email us at and we will get back to you promptly.

Why are we fundraising?
Initially, we were going to provide eight new swings, but felt two additional disc swings, anti-wrap swing hangers, and four horizontal bars would substantially enhance our playground. By doing this, we have gone slightly over budget.  In order to have these all installed in April (and take advantage of bulk shipping and installation), we have borrowed money from other PAC projects. We are fundraising to pay it back – so please ask friends, relatives and businesses to adopt a piece of the playground!  Together, we will create a fantastic new play space for the school and our community!

Can I get together with family or a group of coworkers to contribute to a larger item?
Absolutely! Please contact us to facilitate this.

Will there be recognition for my contribution?
Yes! Or remain anonymous – your choice.  There will be four donor categories and each category will be granted a specific set of recognition opportunities, ranging from permanent signage to a Certificate of Thanks. For more information on our Donor Policy, please contact us.

Where will these new pieces go?
On the gravel field, in the area between the portables. The north side of the gravel field will remain untouched.

Why were the old swings removed?
The initial plan was simply to move the four old swings to a new location, in order to make room for the two new portables. However, when the School District removed them, they found that the footings were rusted, making the entire structure unsafe.  Everyone would have loved to see them moved to a new position, but you can’t compromise on safety.  Looking forward, we will have eight new swings (instead of 4), the swings will be 10′ rather than 8′, and we will have two disc swings that will be the envy of all the surrounding schools.

What are our next steps?
a) Greening!  We want to install lots of trees, shrubs, boulders and logs.
Wanted: A Landscape Architect who will translate our ideas into an inspiring vision.

b) Spinning basket – think of a merry-go-round crossed with climbing ropes and you have the spinning basket. They kids will go wild! ($43,000)

Our next step after the new equipment is installed: