Our Gravel Field Will Be Getting A Little More Green!

Thanks to parent Greg Hasler of Hasler Homes, we have SEVEN new garden boxes for our school! They look amazing already and we haven’t even planted them yet!

Next, LV Students will paint the garden boxes with food grade paint (hopefully the weather cooperates). Then in two weeks, the NVSD will be leveling the area under the boxes, then adding gravel to the bottom of the boxes for drainage. Then the PAC will buy soil for the NVSD and they will be ready for the students to plant!

Thank you again to Hasler Homes and the PAC. These garden boxes will be a great addition to our schoolyard!

I bet you thought that was the only good news we had! Happily no, there’s more…

Tree Canada has awarded our school a $3500 grant to plant trees!

AND the PAC has put in an application to the School District to put a Gathering Circle behind the new disc swings. This Gathering Circle was requested by our administration to support the new curriculum.


So, come October, we will (hopefully!) have a new PAC-funded Gathering Circle, lots of herbs and veggies to harvest from the garden boxes and a number of trees around the swings, disc swings, and (possible) gathering circle. The exact number of trees is still to be determined — we’ll see how far we can stretch our budget 🙂

If anyone is excited about these changes and wants to help make them happen – please join our Landscaping Committee. Email us at lynnvalleypac@gmail.com.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors, supporters and dedicated volunteers!