PAC Meeting | PAC Exec Members Wanted | Gr 7 Bottle Drive

PAC Meeting Agenda for April 17th, 2019

  • Introductions/ Approve minutes/President message
  • Admin report
  • Budget/Treasurer Report
  • Social
    • Family Dance Review
    • Ice Cream Social June 17th
    • Staff appreciation (Cindy)
  • Fundraising:
    • Plant fundraiser
    • Parent Social Review
    • Start thinking about events for next year
    • Where do we want the money raised to go?  New Bin?
  • Programs:
    • Report from last NVPAC meeting
    • Get information out regarding presentation at next meeting
  • Review of Charitable Status
    • Marla will present the pros and cons
  • New business
    • Elections coming up in May.
    • Need to fill communications role.
    • Bike to School Week
    • 2019/2020 budget meeting in June.  Early planning from all parties is recommended.


Thank you all so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to the PAC meeting.  We have a great community at LVE!


PAC Elections will be coming up soon, so it’s time to start thinking about if you’d like to be involved next year. We are always looking for interested people, so please email Kyla if you would like to start a conversation.



Our Grade 7s are hosting a Bottle Drive. Please save any refundable recyclables for them… more details coming soon.