• Summer Volunteers to water our new trees and shrubs. It’s going to be a hot dry summer and they need help to get established. Please sign up for a shift here. All instructions are on the sign-up sheet.
  • Do you have any of the following in good condition that you could donate to the school?
    • Yoga Mat (up to 30 wanted)
    • Small bean bag chair (2)
    • Freestanding Globe – current map if possible (5)
    • Mini crowbar (15 – for the class earthquake kits)
  • The North Shore Neighbourhood House is requesting donations of ‘end of the year’ school supplies.  ✏ ✂  They will help childcare services, low income housing residents, and food bank participants.
    • NSNH provides childcare in 11 locations, and supports 450 families and children each day. They offer youth and seniors services across the North Shore.

Thanks, everyone!