Number 2???

Yes, it’s true. As of yesterday, we’re sitting in 2nd place for the DNV Walk & Roll Challenge. Yikes! We can do better! The $1500, popsicles, and trophy are still within our reach if we double down. We can still win this!

Every time you upload a file of your child walking or rolling to school, we get an entry (1 child/day).   ***The DNV will not share the photos they receive with anyone unless they receive your specific permission in writing beforehand.*** So please snap away or bring your child to school and find one of the people floating around with a camera. We’ll do it for you!

Upload here at the  DNV website
*Make sure you choose your file, then press “upload” before hitting “submit”. Otherwise your photo won’t go through and we’ll lose your entry. I learned that the hard way!

ps. Apologies for the flurry of emails, I usually try to limit the amount we send out. But second place?!? This needed to be shared.