Family Dance | Ground Crew Needed | Join the PAC Executive

If you missed getting Family Dance Tickets online, you can buy them at the door for $20 per family.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.
Wear neon or white to glow!



Work on your tan and help the Playground Committee!

TODAY at 12:45 we will be unloading wood and at 1:00 we will be laying landscaping fabric. We would love to have some help if you can spare some time! No experience required.

Sunday @ 10am we will be building accessible ramps and hanging swings. Please join us!

If you have it, bring a:

  • wrench or ratchet
  • cordless drill
  • step ladder

Please email Mark Howard if you can help.



PAC elections are coming up in May.  If you are interested in joining our PAC executive please email Tania or Heather (our nomination committee) with all your details.

The PAC executive meets about 2-3 times during the year.  Each member is asked to make those executive meetings as well as the 8 PAC meetings held during the year (no meetings in December and March).

We have a great team working together and would love for more people to join us.  If you would prefer to work with someone you are welcome to submit your name with a friend or simply let Tania and Heather know you would like to join but would prefer to be a co-chair.

The deadline for submissions is May 18th, 2018

Thank you so much for considering joining our PAC executive.


Kyla Shore, PAC president