Construction is underway!

The excitement is building. And we are… well, we are waiting for the concrete to dry.  With the rainy weather, it will be at least 2 more weeks to completion. Hopefully, it will all be ready when the sun appears!

Thanks to many generous families, we have raised $7,300 and counting for the new play area!

We have had families without children at our school donate and companies that have matched personal donations. It’s wonderful to see everyone coming together for such a worthwhile project.

And this is only the beginning.  We want to install an undulating pathway around the swings that will wind through trees, logs, boulders and green space.  Our administration has requested that we put in a Gathering Circle – and finally, we want to install a large play structure aimed at the intermediate children. [More…]

Please help us by “adopting” a piece of the playground:


Wooden Safety Perimeter – 1′ (300 feet needed)

Why adopt a street when you can adopt a playground border? 🙂



A Wheelbarrow Full Of Engineered Wood Chips

Help everyone enjoy a safe and soft landing! Feel free to buy more than one – we’re going to need over 300 wheelbarrows’ worth!



Contribute An Amount of Your Choosing Toward The Playground! (Interac = lowest fees)



One Post (17 needed – 9 remaining)

With 2 disc swings, 8 swings, and 4 horizontal bars going in, there are a lot of posts that need to be purchased! Help set the foundation for our playground.



One Horizontal Bar (4 to be installed – 2 remaining)

Flips, chin ups… you name it, these bars will be used for it! These bars will be a welcome addition to the “red” playground – help us make it happen!



One Swing Anti-Wrap Hanger (16 needed – 9 remaining)

These anti-wrap hangers allow you to swing high – but don’t allow mischief-makers to put them out of reach by wrapping them over the top bar.



One Swing (8 to be installed – 7 remaining)

The closest kids will get to flying on the school playground! Help Lynn Valley reach for the skies.



One Disc Swing (2 to be installed – 1 remaining)

How many kids can you fit on a disc? We will find out soon with your support! The great thing about this disc is that it’s inclusive – meaning it’s a great option for both special needs and able-bodied students.



Spinning Basket

Climbing while spinning - what could be more fun?


Thank you so much for your support!

All contributions over $25 qualify for a tax receipt

Have More Questions? Email us at and we will get back to you promptly.