A Parent Social In The Woods

The ladies who pulled it all together: Ainsley, Jessica, Heather, Kyla, Lindsay, Sal, Lori, Alison, and Kath

What an incredible event Saturday night!  Fantastic company, delicious food (how could anyone resist the fudge?), fun music, an incredible venue and decor – it was a wonderful night out.

A big thank you goes to…

  • The committee for all their creativity, hard work and TIME!  Their families deserve thanks too for making time for meetings and prep nights
  • Our wonderful school community who made all the amazing baskets and for those who were able to attend
  • The wonderful staff at the school who contributed to the teacher baskets, the teachers who gave on their own and for those staff who were able to attend
  • All our community sponsors – the silent auction was truly amazing
  • The Butler Did It Catering who not only provided us with great food and service but also worked within our budget to help us raise the most funds for our school
  • The Lynn Canyon Cafe gave us a sizeable discount to support our school
  • DJ Cito also gave us a large discount – he is also is a former student at LVE!
  • The bakers who helped create the delicious dessert table
  • Those who stuck around at the end to help us clean up and put the cafe back together
  • The office staff who supported our event

And now for some fun photos:

ps. Let’s kep the ball rolling on our playground! Our new playground equipment will be getting installed in a month… yippeee!
Please urge friends, family and former alumni to donate to our fundraising efforts.