Our Playground Fundraising Drive Is In Full “Swing”

The first week of our fundraising has been a huge success! Thanks to the amazing generosity of the following families, we have raised $5000!! WOW!

  • The Manoukian Family – in honour of Anthony
  • The Nelson Family
  • The Fischer Family
  • Two ‘Anonymous’ Families
  • The Buckley Family
  • The Hopkins Family
  • The Jardine Family
  • The McDiarmid Family
  • The Frers Family
  • The Sharma Family
  • The Kranendijk Family
  • The Lanctot Family
  • The Clarke Family

But we’re not done yet!

Please share our campaign on Facebook and send it to your family and friends. We would love to gain support from the greater North Shore Community, as our playground is widely loved by so many.  Daycares, soccer siblings, and teenagers all have fun on the school grounds – and our goal is to make it so much better.

Every donation will help towards achieving our ambitious vision for this new play space!