104 Bikers despite thunder, lightning and rain! Oh my!

Kids lined up bright and early to have first crack at the Spin Wheel.  There were some fabulous prizes to be had, courtesy of Rocky Mountain Bikes, Giant Bikes, and Ryders Eyewear, Playland, Booster Juice including technical bike shirts, socks, front and rear lights, water bottles, sunglasses, stickers and more!

Coming up tomorrow:

  • Free Yumm will be back with delicious allergen-free granola bars
  • The family ride starts at 6pm from the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve gazebo.  All are welcome, but parent supervision is required. This is not a guided ride.
  • BTSW pledge forms are due tomorrow.  Please have your child bring them to school.
  • If your child is interested in contributing to Friday’s bake sale then please email lynnvalleypac@gmail.com

Rain, rain go away
Come back another day
See you on your bikes one day! (ok, we would really like to see you on your bikes tomorrow, but the rhyme just didn’t work out!)