May PAC Meeting *With Elections*

May 11th , 2017 | 7-8:30pm in the School Library

Elections: it’s not too late to put your name forward if you would like to get involved with the PAC! Email us at


Approve April Minutes

  1. Presidents Report- Tania Newman
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Heather Speers and Lilian Trousdell
    a) Signing authority change for new exec members
  3. Administration report
  4. Communications – Nicole Eskes
  5. Fundraising – Eric Miura
    1.   Black and White Ball – final amount raised $4688.79
    2.   Ideas for improving on next year
  6. Programs – Kyla Shore (Acting Chair position still vacant)
  7. Social – Ainsley Thor & Dominique Champagne
  8. New Business – Elections, vote in new slate

Open Floor

Next meeting June 15th, 2017, the last meeting of the 2016/2017 school year!