Interested in becoming a member of the PAC Executive?

Voting for the new PAC will take place on Thursday, May 11 @ 7pm in the school library. All of our PAC positions are open for the election.

A strong and creative PAC is a vital part of this school community. Did you know that if we didn’t have a PAC we wouldn’t receive the BC Gaming Grant?

Please join and make a difference in your school community!


President: Presides over all PAC meetings, liaises between PAC and administration, is available to all committees for support, and ensures all communications from PAC are accurate.

Vice-President: Assumes President’s duties in the absence of the President.

Secretary: Records and files PAC meeting minutes.

Treasurer: Conducts all banking, and maintains the PAC financial records.

Directors at Large: Four director positions oversee Fundraising, Social, Programs and Communications.


Please consider which role would best fit you! If you think the role is too much work, ask a friend to share the role with you.

You can see who currently holds the positions and ask him or her about their role by contacting


To allow your name to stand for nomination or to nominate another (with their consent), please contact the Nomination Committee.

Nominations for the positions will also be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

Please note that you must attend the meeting to place your vote, no proxy votes will be accepted.