Playground Update

For two and a half years, our Playground Committee has been working hard at developing a master plan to give our kids more activities during recess: a hockey area, new basketball area, large climbing structure, and green spaces like trees, gardens, rocks and logs to enjoy.

Children have told us their #1 priority is more swings, so the first phase is to put in seven new swings + 2 accessible swings + a disc swing. It’s a great vision and the PAC has set aside $40,000 to make it happen.

We’ve got the money, we’ve got a great plan – let’s do it! But it’s not that simple. The PAC is only an advisory committee – we can plan, we can fundraise, but ultimately it is the School District that makes the decisions for their property.

The School District had told us the swings would be installed this past summer. But other priorities came up and it didn’t happen. It was bumped to the end of January but was further postponed by the snow.

The School Administration has been very supportive and has been working closely with the playground committee to get these swings installed. We hope to have a meeting soon with the School District to finalize some of the details.

Many people have asked, “Why shouldn’t we spend that $40,000 on something else in the meantime?”

For the School District to plan and act on our playground improvement plan, they need to see that we have funds secured.

As much as we may be tempted to use these funds elsewhere, if we spend this money, we risk losing the momentum we have made with the School District.

So stay tuned…


A final reminder – the family dance is TOMORROW at 6pm. Buy your tickets ($15/family) through Munch a Lunch. Tickets will be available at the door as well.
And come out today at 5:30 if you can help set up in the school gym!