LV Family In Need

Borys, the older brother of two of our Lynn Valley students and a grade 10 student at Argyle, came down with a streptococcus based sinus infection which travelled to his brain. He had to have emergency brain surgery at Children’s Hospital. He is now partially immobile and cannot speak at this time.

Borys – and his family – need support.

As part of his recovery, one of his parents must be with him at all times. This is putting a huge strain on their family as they try to be present for Borys, his younger siblings, and their full time jobs. There is no extended family here to lend support.

Understandably this is a very difficult and stressful time for their family and we are trying to assist them in any way possible.
So, if you would like to help out:

  • with meals, please sign up here
  • financially, visit here.

Thank you for your support! It is extremely heart warming to see how families on the North Shore have pulled together to support Borys and his family.


  • Parent TalkSex Talk, No Sweat” on Monday, Feb. 6th at 6:30 in the school library
  • PAC Meeting: Feb 16th at 7pm in the school library
  • Family Dance – with kids – on Thursday, Feb. 23rd –> order tickets & food online through Munch a Lunch