PAC Meeting Agenda

Hi everyone – Happy New Year! As you will see in the agenda below, we have a few things in the works for the coming months. Come to the meeting to learn more about our plans.

January 12th , 2017
7 – 8:30 pm in the School Library
Hope to see you there!

Approve November minutes

1.     President’s Report- Tania Newman
a)     Boundary School Safe Route Program – committee has been formed and a survey gone out to their school community regarding increased traffic from new development. How do we get involved?

2.     Treasurer’s Report – Heather Speers and Lilian Trousdell

3.     Administration report

4.     Communications – Nicole Eskes
a)     Direct Donation Campaign

5.     Fundraising – Eric Miura
a)     April or May Spring Parent Gala – do we proceed with an event at the school? If so committee needs to be formed asap.

6.     Programs – Kyla Shore (Acting Chair position still vacant)
a)     Earthquake preparedness – supply update and how do we access them if needed
b)     Saleema Noon – Parent Education Night is Feb. 6 need to promote

7.     Social – Ainsley Thor & Dominique Champagne
a)     Family Dance – Feb. 23 Theme suggestions and new activity ideas

8.     New Business

9.     Open Floor

10.  Adjourn

Next meeting: Feb. 16th, 7pm school library.