PP minus 2 and counting

Hey have you heard
what is just days away?
Our annual Pumpkin Patch
is this SATURDAY!

With rides, games and food
pumpkins and more,
You will have to come see
what we have in store.

They’ll be prizes to win,
some big and some small.
All you must do is play
and you may win them all!

A night at the Pinnacle
and breakfast for two!
Who better to win it
than someone like YOU!

A night away…
wouldn’t that be nice?
But so would Four tickets
to Disney On Ice!!!

There may be some rain
or even some sun,
It runs either way,
that’s part of the fun.

So come out on SATURDAY,
bring your friends, have a ball.
Join our great school community

Yes the Pumpkin Patch is on and is being held almost entirely inside the school.  Bouncy castles and wipeout (the one with the moving arm that you jump over) will be in the gym.  The gravel field will be repurposed into a parking lot – so drive over and have some fun out of the rain.

plant sale - 1 pagePlant Sale 

I am sure you saw Ainsley’s Plant Sale come out via the school email, but just in case you haven’t, here it is. These plants are very high, nursery grade quality. If you are going to buy plants in the spring, these are the ones you want to have.   Ainsley will have a table at the at the Pumpkin Patch – so order there or online through your Munch-a-lunch account.

Hot Lunch Cutlery Reminder

And last but not least… please have your children bring their cutlery for hot lunch on Monday.