PP Bake Sale Request | PAC Meeting Agenda for Oct 13th meeting

ABakeSaleInstructions.pdf good rainy afternoon to you!

Our hard working Pumpkin Patch Committee has put out a request for bake sale items. If you have the time and baking skills, it would be very much appreciated! Here are the PDF instructions or see image –>

Lynn Valley PAC Meeting
October 13th , 2016
School Library



Approve September minutes

  1. Presidents Report- Tania Newman
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Heather Speers and Lilian Trousdel
    1. Heather to give summary on society act changes
  3. Administration report
  4. Communications – Nicole Eskes
  5. Fundraising – Eric Miura
    1. Pumpkin Patch update
  6. Programs – Kyla Shore (Acting Chair position still vacant)
    1. Saleema Noon – $1400 to book her – VOTE
    2. Playground Update
  7. Social – Ainsley Thor
    1. Parent Social – booked at The Narrows Pub for Nov. 19th tickets will go on sale after Pumpkin Patch
  8. New Business – Elections – Vote in our new VP and Co Chair Social
  9. Open Floor
  10. Adjourn

Next meeting Nov. 17th @ 7pm in the school library