Thursday, September 15th PAC Meeting @ 7-8:30pm in the School Library

All parents and guardians are welcome – hope to see you there.


  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance
  3. Approve June minutes
  4. Presidents Report- Tania Newman
    1. Update on what our goals are for the year
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Heather Speers and Lilian Trousdell
  6. Administration Report
  7. Communications – Nicole Eskes
    1. Sign up for web posts, newsletter has been discontinued. PAC meeting dates and events will also be included in school weekly.
  8. Fundraising – Eric Miura
    1. Call out for Pumpkin Patch volunteers – Kyla to update on current plans
    2. Parent Social – Tania to present budget for proposed event to happen in the school
  9. Programs – Kyla Shore (Acting Chair position still vacant)
    1. Hot lunch update – when will ordering open
    2. Playground Update
  10. Social – Ainsley Thor
    1. Pancake breakfast update – feedback, overall review
    2. Welcome coffee – we decided to focus on pancake breakfast this year. Any feedback on this – should we continue for next year?
  11. New Business – 30 day notice to vote in our VP and Co-Chair Social which will happen Oct. 20th.
  12. Open Floor
  13. Adjourn

Next meeting Oct. 20 @ 7pm school library