Important PAC Budget Meeting


Click for a larger image of the draft budget

Wednesday, June 15th @7pm in the school library

Hi folks,

This is the last PAC meeting of the year – can you believe school is almost over?  As an exec, we have put together a draft budget. May I emphasize draft? A draft is done prior to the meeting so we have a something to base our discussions on. Otherwise the meeting could be a 4 hour monster instead of reasonable 1.5.  At the meeting the draft budget is debated, amended, and then voted on.

It is based on what we have spent -or not spent- in previous years, and we have taken into account parents’ views that were expressed in the recent PAC Survey. If you recall, the top priorities parents voted for were 1 & 2 (tied) technology & field trips and 3) playground and 4) physical education programs.

The draft budget includes money for a substantial technology purchase, boosts the field trip allowance to $20/child and provides funding for physical education programming. It retains the $20,000 that was previously allocated to the playground, as the committee has yet to spend this. Please read it over for a more complete list, but remember that the draft is just a starting point.

As an aside, today the province announced that it will be investing $6mil in teacher training on the new curriculum (which includes coding), as well as for computers for classrooms. I wonder what this will mean for our school?

Please take a look at the 2016-17 Proposed Budget and come to the meeting to discuss it. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please email us. Unfortunately you can’t vote unless you are there – rules are rules.


Presidents Report- Tania Newman
a)  Welcome New Pac Exec
b)  Thank you to playground committee

Treasurer’s Report – Heather Speers and Lilian Trousdell
a)  2015/2016 Financials
b)  2016/2017 Budget – discussion & vote

Administration report – Mrs. Wanner

Communications – Nicole Eskes
a) Phasing out PAC newsletter – please sign up for web posts

Fundraising – Eric Miura
a)  Bike to School Week Update (Barb/Tania) future idea: kids have a say in how money is spent
b)  Call out for Pumpkin Patch committee members
c)  Parent Social – proposed date Nov. 19 and new venue will be school gym unless an alternate can be found as the legion is no longer an option

Programs – Kyla Shore (Acting Chair Position still Vacant)
a)  Hot lunch update – anything new or any changes
b)  Technology update – review of wish list and school needs

Social – Ainsley Thor
a)  Proposed dates for welcome coffee and pancake breakfast (Sept. 14)
b)  Ice Cream Social Update – Brenda Martin
c)  Staff Lunch – Cindy Lanctot

New Business
a) Pumpkin Patch: Move ahead with proposed date Oct. 15 (committee needs to be formed before school year ends) or ideas to replace Pumpkin Patch if committee members can’t be found
b) Vote in Kyla Shore as VP, Dominique Champagne as Co-Director, Social Oops! This will not be discussed as we have not given the prerequisite 30 days notice for such a vote to occur.
c) Playground committee – request for funds

Open Floor

Hope to see you there!