BTSW = Be the School that Wins

IMG_8405Bring it on, Ross Road! Our school is a formidable opponent – I wonder if they know what they’re up against? Over 50% of our school rode today. Let’s aim for 75% tomorrow – wouldn’t that be amazing!

One boy told me that he couldn’t ride to school because his bike was stolen.  It’s awful. It happens. But your odds of having it returned to you go way up when you register your bike through the NV RCMP’s Get Your Bike Back Program. Check it out. It’s worth your time.

Tonight @6pm is the Family Ride. Meet at the Gazebo in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve for a fun group ride. My family has done it every year and it is always a blast.

Tomorrow, we have even more prizes to give away and Lynn Valley Bikes is back to help everyone who didn’t get their bikes tuned-up. On Tuesday the queue was long, so get there early to ensure a spot!