PAC Meeting Tomorrow @7pm in the library

This is the last meeting until April – and then only 2 more meetings until the end of the year!
Please come to the meeting or drop us a line to have your voice heard.
New faces and ideas are ALWAYS welcome.

  1. Presidents Report – Tania Newman

    a)  Looking to start PAC succession planning for the 2016/2017 year
    b)  Update from the School Planning Consultation Meeting

  2. Treasurer’s Report – Heather Speers/Barb Towns
  3. Administration Report – Deb Wanner
  4. Communications– Jeanette Duey

    a) Update on the strategy for direct donation campaign

  1. Fundraising – Eric Miura & Brenda Martin
  2. Programs – Mark Howard (Acting Chair Position still Vacant)

    a)  Playground update
    b)  Hot Lunch – need more Booster Juice Volunteers

  3. Social – CindyLanctot

a) Family Dance Update

  1. New Business – Heather Speers, Growing Chefs Program
  2. Open Floor