NVPAC Reminder of the upcoming FORUM for parents on the BC CURRICULUM REDESIGN

Message from the North Vancouver PAC

Wednesday January 27th at the Education Services Centre, 7 pm  (2121 Lonsdale)

The Ministry has a Five page FAQ sheet that is attached for your information.  You can find it herehttps://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/sites/curriculum.gov.bc.ca/files/pdf/faq.pdf

Come with your questions on the redesign and pose them to the panel of experts of teachers and administrators!  

We will postpone all regular District PAC business to the next meeting to give as much time as possible to ask questions.


The DISTRICT’S BUDGET DEVELOPMENT CONSULTATION PROCESS:  We have been invited to provide a written submission at the March 29th Standing Committee Meeting.  If you have any input you would like to provide, please let us know BEFORE Friday March 25th.  

The BCCPAC AGM is coming up at the end of April.  We are planning to submit a proposed Special Resolution (the deadline for this is January 31, 2016):  

Amendment of Bylaw 4.10 – Proxy (Special Resolution)
Be it resolved that:
BCCPAC Bylaw 4.10 be amended to add the following clause as section (c):
The Proxy must be held and maintained by a DELEGATE who qualifies as a member of a Parent Advisory Council or District Parent Advisory Council in good standing with BCCPAC for the school year in which the BCCPAC Annual General meeting is held.

And that the BCCPAC Authorized Proxy Vote Form reflect these changes.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

Amanda Nichol
Chair, North Vancouver PAC