We’re on Facebook!


Your PAC Executive has done their homework and found that more and more PAC’s are getting social!  They’ve checked with BCCPAC and have the guidelines to follow for our children’s safety and our school’s benefit!


NOTE: No photos of children will be posted on the Facebook site. Even if you’ve signed the privacy agreement with the school and the PAC the photos won’t be used on Facebook.

NOTE: The Facebook page is set up as a School/ Business page therefore you can comment (within parameters pre-set by privacy settings) and share but you won’t be able to tag or be inappropriate:)  Think New York Times Facebook page.

The purpose of the page is to add another tool to our communications belt…emails can stack up and get lost…Facebook is forever (hence the photo policy).  The page will be used to shout out fundraisers and extend our reach to family, friends, colleagues and the community in an effort help our fundraising.

Okay, enough talk…click here to get social with your LynnValleyPAC and share with all your friends!

Happy Friday!