Have a fabulous summer everyone! It’s been a great year and more to come in September…

It’s only been two weeks and already it feels like we’re halfway through summer…oh wait…that’s because it’s been incredibly hot for early July!

Hopefully you’re all having tonnes of fun with family and friends in this gorgeous weather…however…

The office staff at Lynn Valley Elementary are still working hard until the end of this week so let’s hope they have some fans to go along with the peace and quiet. In September our office will have a different vibe to it as we’re saying goodbye and good luck to Mrs. Lecky, our fabulous, amazing school secretary. She is moving on to a different office within the school district that is extremely lucky to have her.

IMG_4475Goodbye Mrs. Lecky!!

We have also said goodbye to Mrs. McVey; our super involved Vice Principal. We will miss you in both the classroom, the office and at our PAC meetings…thank you for always putting our children first!

Best Wishes Mrs. McVey!

Mrs. Mogensen is retiring this year after many years teaching. Well deserved! Thank you for your years and years of teaching and all the children you have made an impression on. Enjoy your retirement!! (retiring October 1 subbing in Sept on Fridays)

Happy Trails Mrs. Mogensen!IMG_4461

Also leaving the school this year are other great teachers that made great impressions (yes, I saw the tears in some of the children’s eyes on the last day of school). You will be missed but hopefully we will see you again soon.

Mrs. Cromack
  • Ms. Edmonds
  • Ms. Gushue
  • Ms. Schatroph
  • Mrs. Schooling
  • Mrs. Johnson (SEA)

Cheers to our other teachers leaving this year!

thank-youOn another note…

What a small and wonderful world we live in. Lynn Valley Elementary was recently willed a monetary gift from a former 1920’s student. How incredibly thoughtful!

Bernice Lynn (nee Rosseau) began and ended her long life in Lynn Valley. In 1916, Bernice was born in North Vancouver, and lived on Ross Road in Lynn Valley. Walking to and from Lynn Valley Elementary with her best friend, Lilly Duncan (Speers) was always one of her cherished memories. Bernice moved away with her family at 18 years old but returned for the last 25 years of her life to her childhood home.

Thank you Bernice Lynn (Rosseau) for your gift and thoughts.

Have a fabulous summer!