Playground Committee News

One of the structures being examined by the playground committee for LV's playground.

Above is only one of the structures being examined by the Playground Committee for LV’s playground. Attend a meeting or email the committee to have your say!

The Playground Committee has created a Policy on Recognition for Donation to Playground Project. This policy presents guidelines under which donations will be accepted and recognized. It will ensure that the PAC upholds transparency and fairness toward the donations and grants from companies, private individuals and not for profit organizations. It is also aligned with the School District policy regarding handling of donations and recognition. Please take a look at the document and feel free to email any comments. The Playground Committee will be putting forth a motion for PAC approval of this document at the June meeting.

Next Playground meeting: Monday, June 22, 2015 7:30 – 8:30pm*.
*All school parents and guardians are welcome to attend.  Please email for location as it will be held at a private residence.

SAVE THE DATE: June 9th will be the Staff Appreciation Lunch. More details to come shortly!