Oh, happy children!

(null)-1The children had a spectacular day shopping for loved ones, really agonizing over which really was the perfect gift ☺  A huge success was made and shared by all, raising monies which will go towards our school benevolent fund. Everyone worked hard and everyone had fun, and that’s what it’s all about.

Many thanks to:

  • Those who stood out collecting for three whole weeks
  • Ani & Cindy for the use of their garage
  • the set up crew
  • the wonderful smiling ladies who helped the children pick out – for some – their first ever gift on their own
  • the present wrappers
  • money collectors
  • and last but not least the wonderful cleanup crew!

Much effort was made by students, staff, and family members to make this day a memorable, special day, give yourself a pat on the back everyone!

One last thought to leave you with: If EVERYONE in the school can think about putting aside 2 (clean with all of the pieces) TOYS and 2 HOUSEHOLD items we will have more than enough fabulous items for next year! Just a thought -and it doesn’t take up too much storage – that’s all it takes to make another successful year for 2015☺

~Cindy Lanctot

N.E.: Parents, please fill in the online photo permission sent by your class rep so we can release the group class shots!