A huge THANK-YOU for a successful Pumpkin Patch!


Dominique Champagne, Jeanette Duey and Tania Newman showing their school spirit!

What a fabulous day on Saturday at our annual Pumpkin Patch!

Thank you to everyone involved for sourcing business sponsors and prizes, arranging games, coordinating volunteers, designing posters, morning set up, afternoon tear down…wow – I know there’s more but it’s all a blur – a blur of parents coming together to raise money for our school!

The numbers are just being confirmed but we do know that we exceeded last year!

This couldn’t have been done without our parents, students, families AND school staff. Not only did our families support with their time and heavy lifting but our teachers, support staff and administrators were at the event supporting with their time and dollars. Precious classroom time was also used to assist in preparations for signage and prize bag decorating. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We also couldn’t have done this without the immense support from Lynn Valley Lions and Save-On-Foods Lynn Valley. Lynn Valley Lions not only spent their day at the cook shack – they were also instrumental in securing funding for printing of the tickets, connecting us to Save-On- Foods and assisting with business sponsorships – at no cost to us. The Lions were also some of the first and last people on the field on Saturday. And they’re all volunteers! Facebook-like-imageSave-On-Foods supplied all the food at the cook shack, again at no cost to us!

***Please take a moment all you Facebook people out there and like’ Save-On-Foods Lynn Valley and friend’ Lynn Valley Lions*** That’s all they’re asking! Let’s show our support back to them.

Some of our families can’t be involved in our events; some work weekends, some have busy schedules and we all understand about our family and home life needing to be our first priority. For those that aren’t able to be involved in the fundraising events, please note that a Direct Donation letter will be coming soon. The Direct Donation program is just that, a way for families to donate directly with a cheque vs volunteer hours if you so choose. We love this too:)

Thank you again to everyone involved, our school community is amazing!

My apologies to any group I’ve missed, please let me know so that I may correct it. Also, please scroll down to view a list of our sponsors so that we may support them as well.

Thank you all!
~ Jeanette Duey, PAC President

Lynn Valley Pumpkin Patch Sponsors


(plus last minute sponsor NorthVancouver.com – thank-you!)

Below – some pictures of our many volunteers working to set-up and then tear down the Patch. More pics to come!