President’s Message

Jeanette Duey - President

Jeanette Duey – President

Welcome back! I think there was a resounding cheer last week as the kids went back to school and back to routine.

We’re all glad to be back but please keep in mind that we have lost quite a bit of school time and that the school community needs our support. We can show our support by being patient with the system as the beginning of the school year rolls out close to a month late. What this means is that some days may seem rushed but know that we are lucky to have the school community (families as well as teachers) that we do; involved and committed.

With the late start to school we’re jumping right back into our fundraising schedule. Pumpkin Patch is right around the corner! October 18th is our date and planning has started. The first Pumpkin Patch meeting is Wednesday October 1st at 5:30 in the school library. Please try to come or even email if you’re interested in volunteering. We will be needing local business support again this year. More specifics will be coming but if you know of any local business that would be open to donating to the Pumpkin Patch and benefit from some face time with the local community please contact PAC with details. This is a great way for businesses to get into the community.

Welcome back and let’s look forward to another great school year in a great community!

~ Jeanette Duey, PAC President 2014/2015