Test of Lynn Valley Riders’ Mettle

The morning rain didn’t stop riders coming out in droves again on Friday May 23, the last day of BTSW 2014. This was Mother Nature’s test to see how dedicated LVE cyclists are. Students and parents adopted a wonderful rain or shine attitude with 151 bikes at school for our final day of BTSW.

The week long event aimed to encourage families to get out of their cars and into their communities by riding bikes or using other active transportation. Highlights of the week included:

  • smiling faces and active kids everywhere
  • first time riders learning to ride bikes
  • families meeting up for morning and evening rides
  • overall participation of 49% of student body riding to school

We have had so many generous volunteers help make this week a fun, healthy and community building experience. A huge thank you again to:

We would love to see the bike racks full of bikes in the final month of school.

Thank you to all who participated. BTSW prizes will be awarded May 28, stay tuned!