Eggs made by Lynn Valley's Kindergarten students

April Update

Lost Lunch Help

A big “thank you” to Lynn Valley School’s Proseilo family of Nourish Market.  Nourish generously donated a supply of “Nourishing” oatmeal to help feed kids who have forgotten their lunch!


Nearly all of the children have had a chance to do their Ukrainian Egg Workshop – only two more classes to go on Monday.  The workshops have been universally popular, from the kindies right up to the grade 7’s.  Everyone showed remarkable concentration and maturity as they worked on their eggs, and had a lot of fun doing it.

These workshops wouldn’t have been possible without help from Thrifty Foods for donating the eggs, Mary Lee of Mountain Market for the cleaning supplies, our PAC for picking up the rest of the bill,  Nicole Eskes for leading the workshops and to the countless parents who came in to help with their children’s classes.  Thank-you all!

Egg craftA few notes on the eggs:

  • Just remember – the eggs are raw. The yolk will dry out over time, so be careful.
  • They are not edible.

And for those children who brought their eggs home with the wax still on:

  • Put the egg on a wire rack in the oven with a piece of parchment paper under the egg to catch the wax
  • Turn the oven on 225 F (low) for 20 minutes or so
  • Turn the oven light on so the kids can see the wax melting
  • Take the egg out and gently wipe the warm wax off with paper towel

Voila!  All of the colours and designs will be revealed.  Enjoy!

Where can you purchase supplies?

The only one I know of in Vancouver is Baba’s Beeswax3591 Springfield Drive, Richmond (although I have never been there myself).
All school supplies were bought at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Victoria.