PAC Meeting Agenda for Mar. 12 @ 7pm

Please join in! Drop-ins are always welcome 🙂

1: Meeting: 7pm – 8:30
2: Welcome to new members and introductions
3: Minutes: approval from February
4: Administration: Deb Wanner and Marilyn McVey 5: Treasurer’s Report: Heather Speers
6: Old Business:

  1. a)  Bike To School Week: Barb Towns and Tania Newman
  2. b)  Wine and Cheese Pairing evening: Heather Chopko-Butler, Jenny Mitchell-Gash
  3. c)  Argyle Scholarship: Heather Skuse
  4. d)  Ukrainian Easter Eggs: Nicole Eskes.
  5. e)  Campbell’s Labels for Education: Final: Helen Zaparniuk
  6. f)  Movie Night: Mark Howard, Suzie Ratsch and Shawna Conrad
  7. g)  Updated Teachers wish list, Technology pricing, and School Jerseys: Marilyn McVey

7: New Business:

  1. a)  Welcome to new families: How we can improve: Janet Anderson
  2. b)  Plan for PAC AGM: Helen Zaparniuk

8: Other: Open Floor for questions and new ideas.
9: Adjourn Meeting.