Happy kids with their presents!

Christmas Thrift Excitement

A heartfelt thank you from Christmas Thrift:

“This is absolutely my favourite day of the year. Not only because all of the donated items add up to a wonderful amount of money to help support our school’s benevolent fund, but because EVERY child and parent involved has the biggest smile on their face for the whole day. Not many people can say they made a school smile 🙂 ”

~Cindy Lanctot

Thank you to all of the children and parents who:

  • Scoured through closets for donations;
  • Stood out in front of the school for three weeks before and after school each day.;
  • Arranged, collected, and begged organizations for wrap, bags, tape, and bows;
  • Trucked all of the collected items to the “Green” and “Ratsch” homes to store… and then back again down to the school, gently laying out all of the items;
  • Came through for the kids – parents came out of the woodwork to volunteer.

Children made hard decisions, counted money, counted the change, wrapped gifts, and are now trying to keep the biggest secret ever! The parents and children shopped till 4:30 and clean up was a whirl wind – the fastest I’ve ever seen! We lifted all of the tables back to the green bin outside, packed up leftovers, and swept the gym floor alongside parents, grandparents, and higher grade volunteers.

Last but not least a super huge Thank you to The Green and Ratsch families who stored “Thrift storage” for three weeks. Thank you to Developmental Disabilities whose truck came out Friday morning to pick up whatever was not bought so we were able to use the gym first thing Friday.

All in all, a huge effort was made by students, staff, and family members to make this a memorable, special day. Give yourself a pat on the back everyone! The children had a spectacular day shopping for loved ones, really agonizing over which really was the perfect gift :-).

A huge success was made and shared by all, raising a grand total of $1765.87, which will go towards our school’s Benevolent Fund (beating lasts year’s total of $1637.77). Everyone worked hard and everyone had fun, and that’s what it’s all about.

Happy Holidays everyone!