Dec 11 – PAC Meeting Agenda

  1. Meeting 7pm – 8:30
  2. Welcome to new members and introductions
  3. Minutes: approval from November
  4. Administration: Deb Wanner and Marilyn McVey 5: Treasurer’s Report: Heather Speers
  5. Old Business:
    1. Van City Community grant for BTSW: Barb Town (addition of bike racks due to NSCF grant declined)
    2. Christmas Shopping: Cindy Lanctot and Suzie Ratsch
    3. LVPAC Christmas tree at Lynn Valley Village: Cindy Lanctot and Helen Zaparniuk
    4. Murals: Nicole Eskes and Cindy Lanctot
  6. New Business:
    1. Pink shirts: Cindy Lanctot and Suzie Ratsch
    2. Class Reps: Cindy Lanctot
    3. Completed Items from Parent Survey: How are we doing? Nicole Eskes and Helen Zaparniuk
  7. Other: Open Floor for questions and new ideas
  8. Adjourn Meeting