Tree Decorating in the Village

Lynn Valley has its own Christmas Tree in Library Square!

This year, Lynn Valley Elementary school and the LVPAC have our own tree in Library Square. The theme is Candy Canes; bring your families down over the holidays to see this special tree!  Don’t forget to vote for your favourite tree. A special thank you to the students in Mrs. Schechter, Mrs. Tallman and Mrs. Baronit’s classrooms, who made the wonderful candy canes that decorate the tree.  Thank you also to the families who braved the rain and helped to decorate it. Thank you also to the Lynn Valley Lions who donated the tree.   Please come down and check it out!  Merry Christmas from the Lynn Valley PAC!

The LVPAC would like to thank the Lynn Valley Lions for all of their support this past year – from providing this gorgeous tree, to the Pancake Breakfast and the Pumpkin Patch cook shop.  We are very grateful for their community spirit and their support of our school.

Do you need a Christmas tree this year?  The Lynn Valley Lions will be one of the community organizations selling Christmas trees this holiday season. Their lot will be at Karen Magnussen Rec. Centre.   The North Shore Scouts will be at Taylor Way and Clyde.