Wed., Oct. 9th Meeting Agenda

The PAC Meeting is 7 – 8:30pm in the school library. Free child minding is provided – please come and find out what your PAC is doing.

  1. Welcome to new members and introductions
  2. Minutes:  approval from June and September
  3. Administration:  Deb Wanner and Marilyn McVey
  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Heather Speers
  5. Old Business:
    1. Fundraising/Social: Cindy Lanctot, Suzie Ratsch
    2. Pumpkin Patch: Laura McIntyre, Julie Jay, Dominique Champagne, Matina Spiropoulos
    3. Emergency Preparedness: Cindy Lanctot, Julie Jay
    4. Spirit Wear / Vesey Seed: Suzie Ratsch
    5. Class Rep Coordinator:   Cindy Lanctot
    6. Hot Lunch Recycling: Sylvie Michaud, Suzie Ratsch
  6. New Business:
    1. Argyle Scholarship: on behalf of Lynn Valley Students:   Heather Skuse
    2. DPAC Representative needed. Question to group
  7. Other:  Open Floor for questions and new ideas.
  8. Adjourn Meeting