Staff Appreciation Lunch -> Wednesday June 12 @ noon (potluck items needed!)

On June 12th we have an amazing opportunity to thank all 50 + amazing staff members at Lynn Valley for the caring attitude they bestow upon our children on a daily basis. Big or small any amount will do, dig out your families favorite recipes and when making that special meal… make a double batch! We would love to have a huge variety of dishes the staff can sample for a buffet lunch from our families as a thank you for all they have done.


  • Food: Salads, Entrees, Desserts, Appetizers, etc. *Please Bring Food to the Staff Lunchroom by 11:30 on Wed. June 12th*   It can be dropped off to the PAC kitchen in the morning and will be put in the fridge if needed.
  • Please sign your dish up at: (password : potluck)
  •  Keep in mind that we have a seafood allergy so if it has seafood please label it well, we also have a request for gluten free items?!

Can you volunteer your time? 

Whether it’s the teacher, who stayed after class to make sure your child understood the lesson, the Librarian who found the perfect book to help with that report, the staff who came to work two hours early or stayed two hours late, or the janitor who found the expensive hoody that fell behind the shelving. Our Lynn Valley staff goes above and beyond to help our families and children on a consistent basis. Let us now show them how much we have appreciated their kindness towards our children and families!

*All children with aides at the school please contact Cindy (Jordan’s mom) at 604-988-6560 to discuss details so our deserving aides can enjoy the buffet lunch as well.