What an EPIC week it’s been!

Congratulations to all the students, staff and parents who participated in this year’s Bike To School Week.  We had over 900 individual rides this week within our school community, which is incredible.

Some amazing things happened this week:

  • LVE had over 50% of students ride to school every single day this week.  That’s 149 kids that rode every day.  WOW!
  • LVE had active participation rates of over 80% in EVERY SINGLE DIVISION this week.  That means every class had over 80% of their students ride, walk or take some kind of active transportation every day!  What an amazing way to start a school day.
  • LVE had over 25 staff rides throughout the week.  Well done teachers and admin!

And a shout out to our terrific BTSW sponsors. Our week wouldn’t be half as exciting without your support! There would be no spinning wheel, no energy snack, no bike maintenance, no end of week prizes… in short, we are very grateful for all that you do for our community.

Now, for the Prizes!

  • 149 students will receive a prize for riding their bike to school five days this week.  They will get their reward mid next week.  Stay tuned for a refreshing and fun surprise!
  • The parent draw occurred this morning with three LVE parents receiving prizes for riding to school.  Thank you to Free Yumm.
  • The teacher draw also occurred this morning with three teachers receiving great prizes from Lynn Valley Bikes.
  • Congratulations to the Primary division winners Ms. Montgomerie’s Div 13 class for having 95.4% active participation this week! Your class will receive a Pizza Party!
  • Congratulations to the Intermediate division winners of Ms. Laursen’s Div 4 class for having 96.8% active participation this week.  Your class will also receive a Pizza Party!

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU to all the parents who made this happen.  We should all be proud of the school for this great achievement.  Keep up the great work and continue to encourage your kids to walk, ride or roll to school!

Your Bike To School Week Coordinators,
Trina Sporer, Anne Fischer & Brenda Martin

Playground Update

We now have accessible ramps for our new playground pieces! Thank you to the people who devoted their Saturday to build them:

  • Ahren Britton
  • Brenda Baylis
  • Laurence Thor
  • Marc Tietz

We will be celebrating the Playground Grand Opening at the Ice Cream Social. Stay tuned!

The Plants Have Arrived!

Your order can be picked up at the school from 3-4pm today

– or –

you can pick them up later from Ainsley’s house – email Ainsley or text her at 604-537-8901 to arrange a time.

There will be extra veggie and herb plants to purchase after school today for $3 each:

  • squash
  • zucchini
  • peppers
  • tomatoes
  • assorted herbs

Please bring small cash and something to carry them in.

Loving The New Playground Equipment!

Thanks to many generous donors and a lot of PAC fundraising, we now have 8 swings, 2 discs, and 4 bars… and have made the kids very, very happy. Each time I go by, there are huge groups of children playing on them!

The date for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be announced soon… until then, keep enjoying the new items!

Please help us carry on our work.  Your donation will help us with the next phase: hills, a gathering circle, trees, shrubs, logs, boulders, and more!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the first Glow in the Dark Family Dance.  What an amazing night!

Many thanks to:

Many social events at Lynn Valley are not meant to be fundraisers – fun is the name of the game and we try to keep the event as cost-neutral as possible.  It was wonderful to see everyone have such a great time!!

Up next, Bike to School Week, May 28-June 1. Stay tuned!

**New** Christmas Market – Accepting Applications for Crafters

We are excited to announce that Lynn Valley PAC will be hosting a Christmas Market on Sunday, November 25th from 11am-3pm. 

This is not a children’s craft fair.  Our Christmas Market will feature high-quality artisan vendors and be open to the community to shop.

If you are a Crafter and/or Artisan, we are now accepting applications.
Please apply before Sept 7th.


LVE Playground Watering – long weekend volunteers?


Items Wanted:

Please email us at lynnvalleypac@gmail.com to arrange a pickup or bring them to the office when school starts. Thanks!


Childcare Openings?

Do you offer before and after school care for students at our school? If so, do you have any openings?  Please contact lynnvalleypac@gmail.com so we can connect you with the families needing care.