Number 2???

Yes, it’s true. As of yesterday, we’re sitting in 2nd place for the DNV Walk & Roll Challenge. Yikes! We can do better! The $1500, popsicles, and trophy are still within our reach if we double down. We can still win this!

Every time you upload a file of your child walking or rolling to school, we get an entry (1 child/day).   ***The DNV will not share the photos they receive with anyone unless they receive your specific permission in writing beforehand.*** So please snap away or bring your child to school and find one of the people floating around with a camera. We’ll do it for you!

Upload here at the  DNV website
*Make sure you choose your file, then press “upload” before hitting “submit”. Otherwise your photo won’t go through and we’ll lose your entry. I learned that the hard way!

ps. Apologies for the flurry of emails, I usually try to limit the amount we send out. But second place?!? This needed to be shared.

Loving The New Playground Equipment!

Thanks to many generous donors and a lot of PAC fundraising, we now have 8 swings, 2 discs, and 4 bars… and have made the kids very, very happy. Each time I go by, there are huge groups of children playing on them!

The date for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be announced soon… until then, keep enjoying the new items!

Please help us carry on our work.  Your donation will help us with the next phase: hills, a gathering circle, trees, shrubs, logs, boulders, and more!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the first Glow in the Dark Family Dance.  What an amazing night!

Many thanks to:

Many social events at Lynn Valley are not meant to be fundraisers – fun is the name of the game and we try to keep the event as cost-neutral as possible.  It was wonderful to see everyone have such a great time!!

Up next, Bike to School Week, May 28-June 1. Stay tuned!